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Reviews of Books on Prayer

Prayer for Amateurs by Jane Holloway

Prayer for Amateurs by Jane Holloway
ISBN : 0-3407.4578-9
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
Our Rating :

Jane Holloway is Prayer Secretary for the Evangelical Alliance, and is well qualified to write this excellent introduction to prayer. Prayer for Amateurs is written in simple, plain language, yet still tackles some of the difficult questions, such as How do we know God is listening? and Why does he sometimes seem slow to answer our prayers?  This is a helpful book, and will appeal to the vast majority of Christians who have the humility to recognise that in contrast to the prayer patterns of Jesus, we are mere amateurs!
This book is a part of Hodder & Stoughton's Amateurs series, and like the others, is punctuated with the humour of Taffy's cartoons.

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