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Prayer for Leaders

Praying for church leaders is important, and one of the main aims of the, who produce this site, is to encourage such prayer. However, many leaders are relatively unsupported in prayer, and it may have been that you were surprised to find a page dedicated to this topic. 

Clearly leaders need to be men and women of prayer, spending quality time in prayer, to be able to respond to God's leading, and to develop their personal relationship with God. But at the same time, Christian leaders are under greater and greater pressure as they minister in a context of rapid change in the basic structures of society, and within the church. Many Christian leaders suffer stress, marriage breakdown, and other problems. The personal prayer lives of leaders are likely to provide an insufficient base of prayer for their ministries to flourish. Our leaders need to be supported in prayer, by the church and by specific individuals whom God may call to pray for them and for their ministry.

Christians who have leadership positions in society or in business also need supporting with prayer - they act as role models, and there are only too many people, aided by the media, who would rejoice in being able to bring them down.

Pointers for Prayer : Do pray regularly for your leaders. Try to spend time with God asking him to bring to mind the things that need to be prayed for them. Over time you may feel a particular call to pray for them on a regular basis, and in some depth. If this happens to you, do talk with your leader about this - the vast majority of leaders will know their need for prayer support, and will be willing to share particular topics for your prayer. Over time leaders can build up the trust and relationship to share some of their deeper needs for prayer. The has produced a booklet on praying for leaders, "Firm Foundations".If you would like a free copy of this, please e-mail us.