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The Prayer Guide. Over 100 pages of answers to questions on Christian prayer and intercession...
Where to buy Religious Prayer Rings?

Praying alone (more questions)
bullet.gif (62 bytes)What is prayer and intercession?
prayer & intercessionHow can I find time to pray?
time to prayHow can I stop wandering thoughts?
wandering thoughtsHow can I hear God?
hearing GodWhat can I pray at Christmas?
God answers prayerWhat other prayers can I pray?
prayers to prayWhat is the Lords Prayer?
the Lords PrayerWhat books do you recommend?
online prayerWhere can I get online prayer?

For church & group leaders (more)

Answers to FAQs on Christian Prayer & Intercession

Prayer in families (more)
bullet.gif (62 bytes)How can I Encourage Children to Pray?
intercession in familiesHow can I pray with my spouse?
dinner prayersWhat dinner prayers can we use?
households in intercessionWhat are praying households?

Prayer with others (more questions)
praying with othersHow can I start praying with others?
prayer groupsHow can prayer groups be effective?
prayer strategyWhat is a prayer strategy?
prayer ministryGuidelines for Prayer Ministry
intercession in groupsHow can I Help Childrens Groups to Pray?


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