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In 1998, the ran a prayer survey across five different countries (although principally in the UK.) With over 5,500 survey forms returned, this is one of the largest surveys every conducted on prayer habits.
Some of the key findings include :

  • There are many Christians committed to prayer and praying regularly across all denominations and countries.
  • Those in positions of leadership are praying more than average giving a positive role model to our churches.
  • The vast majority of respondents would like to spend more time in prayer, challenging the church to encourage people to pray. This website is in part  a response to that challenge.
  • People pray both alone and with other Christians
  • There is opportunity for more Christian couples to pray together.
  • 86% of Christians believe they have experienced answered prayer.
  • 59% of respondents believe they have experienced God communicating with them as they pray.
Click here to view the pdf file with full details of the survey results.