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Prayers for Children

Below are some prayers for children.  However, you might like to mix these with encouraging children to pray themselves - since they may feel less self-conscious than adults when praying aloud. This also enables them to pray for what they want to pray, rather than reciting a list of prayers. Some books of childrens' prayers use complex language, and some even rhyme! The prayers below are deliberately uncomplicated. This gives children a better pattern for their own prayers.  (ideas for encouraging children to pray.)

Dear God,
We are sorry for doing wrong things. Please forgive us. Help us to forgive those who are unkind to us. Amen.

Father God,
As I turn off the light, please be with me. Help me to get to sleep, and please give me good dreams. Amen.

Lord Jesus, Thank you for my friends, and for the games and fun that we share. Please help me to be a good friend to them. Amen.
Father God,
Thank you for my family : and not only for those I live with, but grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins. Please be with them today. Amen.
Lord,  Help me to notice people who need my help. Children who are alone without friends, My parents or teachers, when they need a hand. Amen. Lord Jesus,
I know that I am your special child, and that you love me. Other children don't know you. Please may they come to know your love. I particularly pray for _____ and _____. Amen.

God, you are great. You made the world and it's good. Thank you for making it so beautiful, and we are sorry that we have spoiled it. Amen.
Dear Jesus,
Please help me at school. Sometimes I find it hard, and it's at those times I specially need your help. I know you are with us always. Amen.
You might also want to encourage them to use the Lord's Prayer, to join with Christians from all over the world in praying the prayer that Jesus taught us. There are also a number of mealtime prayers, or graces which are great fun for kids to join in. There are many books of Children's prayers, and others which are helpful for praying with children. One of the ones we recommend is "a story, a hug and a prayer."